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e-RUPI and E-Rupee (Digital Rupee) are the same thing | Vrid
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e-RUPI and E-Rupee (Digital Rupee) are the same thing

e-RUPI and E-Rupee are often used interchangeably but refer to different concepts. 

E-Rupee is essentially a digital version of the Indian Rupee stored in a digital wallet and used for various transactions. On the other hand, e-RUPI is a specific type of digital voucher that can only be redeemed for a predefined purpose. 

While both involve digital payments, they serve different purposes – e-RUPI is for specific welfare transactions, and E-Rupee aims to transform the entire monetary system. They are distinct initiatives with different goals and functions.

Learn more about what is e-RUPI and how does it works here.

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